We began with a vision to create the most incredible tasting smoothie.

And it turns out, it’s pretty simple: Use real, fresh fruit, picked at the height of sweetness, and blend to perfection with a combination of wondrous flavors from the Big Island. 

Over the years, we’ve maintained our success by sticking to our values: serve delicious drinks using the freshest ingredients, priced fairly and presented beautifully by passionate smoothie and health enthusiasts.    

We strive each day not only to bring you an incredible smoothie, but a nutritious one, full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. This means you won’t see us using artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. And unlike many other “smoothie” chains (ahem), we never use frozen juice. Instead, we fill your drink with fresh fruit. We think you’ll taste the difference.

Perfect for a snack or meal replacement, we hope you’ll love our blends as much as we do – and make Big Island Smoothie your next healthy habit.

About the Founder

Fasil Tesfaye was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Since 1996, he has owned and operated his own businesses, starting with Bay City Limo, a professional car service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Within eight years, Fasil grew Bay City Limo from one car to six owned and 20 contracted vehicles, serving over 5,000 customers annually.

In 2004, Fasil sold his company and moved to the Triangle area. He bought Big Island Smoothie in 2007, and has successfully expanded the company and menu to include drinks and flavor combinations customers have come to love.